November 4, 2015
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CINEDAYS Festival of European Film was established in 2001 on the initiative of the famous Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar and the esteemed politician Ms. Viviane Reding, at that days serving as Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth, Media and Sport. The idea was to have this kind of European festival in each of the major European capitals as a way to “celebrate the European cinema”.  Since then, Skopje is the only European capital where CINEDAYS continued to exist, and evolved in a film festival that positions our city, as as the main anchorage for true cinema loving fans.

In these past years, with every successive edition of the festival we tried to go beyond ourselves, however, at all times, having in mind the one thriving concept: presenting to the ever hungry audience with the finest and most rewarded European film achievements.

The concept of the festival program revolves in around several key segments:
Official Selection program, in which we screen young but ambitious authors with their first or second feature films. These authors compete for the Best Film Award (“Golden Star”), Best Director Award (“Silver Star”) and Best Screenplay Award (“Blue Star”) given by international jury.
CineBalkan program in which we also screen young authors with their first or second feature films, coming from the Balkan Region. These authors compete for the Best Film Award in The CineBalkan selection (“Golden Sun”).
There is the GALA program (Off Competition Program) in which we screen the latest and most awarded film from the current year at the biggest European film festivals.
Our program also includes: Musical documentaries, Films for the Youngest, Short films, films from a specific Country in Focus and many more film related workshops and lectures. Over 100 films more or less.

CINEDAYS is a celebration, a notion, an idea to fight the overwhelming reality with films that criticize but also consume our thoughts. Nowhere else in the world, people are more united than in the cinema – watching and exhaling. Well, CINEDAYS has that magic.

Thank you, audience.