401: AMY

401: AMY

November 21, 2015
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401: AMY

Asif Kapadia

21. 11. | 21:00 | Cinema Frosina 

Времетраење / Runtime: 128’
Држава / Country: Велика Британија / UK
Јазик / Language: Англиски / English
Премиера / Release date: 16 мај 2015 (Кан) / 16 May 2015 (Cannes), Cannes Film Festival

Режија / Director: Asif Kapadia
Продуцент / Produced by:
James Gay-Rees
Монтажа / Film Editing by: Chris King
Продукција / Production Companies: On The Corner Films, Universal Music
Музика / Music: Antonio Pinto
Улоги / Cast: Amy Winehouse , Mitch Winehouse, Mark Ronson

A once-in-a-generation talent, Amy Winehouse was a musician that captured the world’s attention. A pure jazz artist in the most authentic sense – she wrote and sung from the heart using her musical gifts to analyze her own problems. The combination of her raw honesty and supreme talent resulted in some of the most unique and adored songs of the modern era. Relentless media attention coupled with Amy’s troubled relationships, her global success and precarious lifestyle saw her life tragically begin to unravel. As a society, we celebrated her huge successes but were quick to judge her failings when it suited us. The talent that was initially her salvation eventually became the trigger for her disintegration.

Фестивали и награди / Festivals and Awards:
Cannes Film Festival
Film Club’s The Lost Weekend (Won Lost Weekend Award for Best Soundtrack)
Hollywood Film Awards Won Hollywood Film Award for Documentary of the Year
Други фестивали / Other festivals:

Други фестивали / Other festivals:
East End Film Festival, UK; Edinburgh International Film Festival