November 22, 2015
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Awarded films on 14. CINEDAYS Festival:


The Official selection jury, Roelof Jan Mineboo, Mihaela Sirbu and Vladimir Bazhevski have decided to give the Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay award to the following films:


‘Golden Star’ Award for Best Film in the Official Selection

“Between 10 and 12” by Peter Hoogendoorn

A subtle and precise visual story about grief that allows the viewers to be part of the characters’ journey without imposing emotions or sentiments.”


‘Silver Star’ Award for Best Director in the Official Selection

Ivan Ostrochovský for ‘Goat’

‘A daringly conceptual documentary drama (or dramatic documentary) that confidently meanders between dark comedy and heartfelt compassion.’


‘Blue Star’ Award for Best Screenplay in the Official selection

‘Three Days in September’ by Darijan Pejovski and Igor Ivanov

Strong characters in a well-paced story that not only addresses contemporary social issues but also keeps the viewers curious about the secrets that lurk in the past.


Special Mention Best Actor

Peter Kurth in Herbert


‘Peter Kurth’s balanced portrayal of brutal aggression and vulnerability makes us care for a character that any sane person would otherwise avoid at all cost.’


In the CineBalkan selection, the jury that included Sali Saliji, Dejana Prnjat and Mete Sozer has decided to give the ‘Golden Sun’ Best Film Award to the film “Snow” by Ventsislav Vasilev:


‘It has been more than 200 years since the French Revolution, and the Balkans has not been able to find peace ever since. Unfortunately, this agony is still ongoing. A year ago, there were great floods in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Macedonia. They have shown us that we must stick together. However, I believe that this is not something we must yet do, but that we already have done, and this is the time when we must finally understand that diversity in a society is, in fact, a blessing.

This year’s CineBalkan Competition has once again proven that films can help us become better people. Watching the most tragic stories of ordinary people or people whose life story has rendered them insensitive, cold and soulless, for a moment, we see ourselves. Actually, these are the moments when we have the opportunity to see the true face of evil and the destructive drive which, in fact, each person possesses. Movies admonish us and warn us. And in the age in which we live, we really need good people – better people, the most human people. Watching the Bulgarian film ,,Snow,” we had the feeling that we were watching a film filled with existential philosophy; definitely not the one of Sartre or Camus, but existentialism according to Dostoevsky, in film form and in the Balkans.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the organization of this festival, especially in account of the CineBalkan Competition. Finally, speaking from experience, I can emphasize with certainty that we, from the Balkans, know how to make good films, and we actually know film language very well.’