November 20, 2015
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Tamara Kotevska

20. 11. | 19:00 | Cinema Frosina 

Времетраење / Runtime: 20′
Држава / Country: Македонија / Macedonia

Режија / Directed by: Tamara Kotevska
Кинематографер / Cinematography by: Kevin Pedersen
Монтажа / Editing by: Marko Dzambazoski
Сценарио / Written by: Tamara Kotevska
Продуцент / Producer: Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje
Улоги / Cast: Aleksandar Mihajlovski, Natalija Teodosieva, Kristijan Kralevski, Igor Todorov, Toni Denkovski

This is a fairy-tale of modern Macedonian “Snow White” who works in a depressive amusement park, while her “prince” fights for existence by sharing flyers and “free hugs” to promote the big humanitarian organization he works for.
They are trying to persuade the little “dwarf” – a young gypsy from the park to participate in their promo-video so that they can get money for it. But all the little gypsy wants is a bike. Since Snow-white can’t manage to persuade him to talk in front of the camera, “The Hugger” finds the solution: he makes a deal with the gypsy Romeo to spend a day with him at the amusement park so that he tells him what he wants in front of the camera. Meanwhile as they are having fun, a deaf-mute shows up at Snow-white’s stand, asking for money. She chases him away, but the camera hidden between the toys catches something she couldn’t even imagine.