TONI SARIC, selector of the music documentaries program

November 12, 2015
in Category: cinedays2015
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Another year of our getting together with music documentaries and another year to discover new and exciting bands. This year for the first time we will see some more of the Asian music scene – at Cinedays you will have the chance to see the Singapore and Cambodian music scene. That is called an expanding of musical horizons. Also, we finally have the film about the legendary radio WFMU, role model of the Kanal 103 team and many other radio stations. For the first time you will have the chance to see the fabulous Ken Freedman and peek into one of the most independent stories in the history of pop culture. For the fans of the PUNK/HC scene, we have a delightful treat – the incredibly important and influential Washington DC scene and the archive footage, which will make the 100 minutes of Salad Days pass so quickly and fast, just like the music that made a huge change. As always, we have three films which were screened at this year’s DORF festival. We will see an interesting reconstruction of the affair in Slovenia, when the team from Neue Slowenische Kunst prepared a Relay of Youth for the Youth Day, in the mid-80s. For the lovers of skateboarding and extreme sports we have the film about the first 15 years of the biggest festival in Croatia – the Pannonian Challenge. Come to the screening on a BMX or skateboard and enjoy the stunts organized by a team of enthusiasts form Osijek. The third film is about the brilliant band Morphine. Three years ago we saw Cure for Pain, now we’ll see Journey of Dreams – unlike its predecessor, we see the perspective of the band members, and that’s what makes it more authentic. The rare archive footage and testimonies give this film a status of a true document, not only for the fans of this brilliant trio.
In addition, you’ll also see a film about the Berlin music scene from the 80s, about the creative madness and chaos that generated so many valuable and important stuff, the premiere of a documentary film about the Macedonian Hip Hop scene and a conceptual film about the great Laurie Anderson. For the very end we have a film about the dearly-missed Amy Winehouse. Find a reason to visit our little cinema. Do not miss the opportunity to see these stories in a good company.