204: SNOW

204: SNOW

November 14, 2015
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204: SNOW

Ventsislav Vasilev

14. 11. | 23:00 | Cinema Frosina 

Времетраење / Runtime: 80’
Држава / Country:
Бугарија, Украина / Bulgaria, Ukraine
Јазик / Language:
Бугарски / Bulgarian
Премиера / Release Date: 9 октомври 2015 (Полска) / 9 October 2015 (Poland) – Warsaw Film Festival

Режија / Director: Ventsislav Vasilev
Сценарио / Writers:
Ventsislav Vasilev
Продуцент / Produced by:
Konstantin Burov
Продукција / Production Company: 100 Film
Кинематографер / Cinematography by: Dimitar Kostov
Монтажа / Film Editing by: Ventsislav Vasilev
Улоги / Cast:
Plamen Velikov, Ovanes Torosian, Vladimir Yamnenko, Krassimir Dokov

Two brothers – Lyubaka and Gosho, and their two sons – Bobby and Marti, rob a post office. After the robbery Lyubaka runs away with the money. He will soon be found dead; the money has disappeared without a trace. The others will do everything they can to find it quickly. Bobby also wants to find out the truth about his father’s death. To do this, he has to go back to sad memories from his childhood home. That’s where he has to look for the cause of the complicated relations among the four men. When events start fitting together like pieces of a puzzle, Bobby will discover the terrifying truth and face a tough choice: to take revenge for his father’s death, or to forgive.

Фестивали / Festivals:
Warsaw Film Festival; Golden Rose National Film Festival